Arival II

We arrived at the Atlas Hotel and got the five halgotek checked into their rooms.  Then we walked back to Danko Utca with my luggage to get me settled.  When we arrived at Danko, we ran into Margit on the sidewalk.  She had keys for me and we went up to the room to drop off my luggage.  Once we got it settled, we went over to Istvan’s office and met him.  After introductions, he took us to the Buffe where we had a very simple, even old fashioned, Hungarian meal.  Caraway soup, and elbow macaroni with some kind of mystery meat sauce with carrots and peas.  It was actually very delicious.  The lady who was in charge of the food had very deep-sunk eyes with dark shadows shading them.  She was very kind.  Istvan set it up for us to eat there as much/frequently as we desire.  We may end up taking the occasional lunch there.

While we were eating, Amy and Coco joined us.  I was just beginning to get a bit antsy about where they might be when they walked into the Buffe!  Great was the joy at our meeting!  Amy has been in Norway for a week so she is over her jet lag and quite cheerful. 

After we all finished eating, we took Amy and Coco back to the Atlas to get checked into their hotel.  Istvan gave them and their luggage a ride in his car.  Once they got settled into their rooms, we went back to Danko and Istvan exchanged cash for them.  That was very kind of him and at a good rate. 


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