We have arrived!  Or at least, most of us are here at this moment.  Two students are coming later, and will join us for the evening.  The students are getting set in the Hotel Atlas, and then we will walk over to Danko Utca and will get something to eat.  Istvan is making arrangements for us.

It was not at all sure that we would make our connection!  The flight from Seattle to Amsterdam was delayed and so we had less than 45 minutes to get through the Schipol airport.  That includes walking from our gate to immigration, going through immigration to enter the EU, going through security, and then walking to our departure gate.  We made it with about 10 minutes to spare!

Unfortunately, not all of our luggage made it!  There were two bags that didn’t get on the plane for some reason.  Jean Choi and one of my bags didn’t make the connection.  They located the bags in Amsterdam and are sending them on a later flight.  They will deliver them to the hotel for us later tonight and we should be able to pick them up in the morning.

Both Margit and Istvan were unable to meet us, but they sent Joszef in a van.  He didn’t speak much English, but between his English, my Hungarian, and Istvan’s help by phone, we were able to communicate what we needed.  The adventures have begun!!!


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