Humus Bar and Supper Night One

Istvan called me and suggested that we meet for supper at a Humus Bar in District V.  This sounded really good to me, so I agreed to meet him, Ildiko, and their baby Aron, about 6:45.  I met the students at 6:15, but Jean, Keirsten, and Coco didn’t want to go with us.  The other four and I walked to Blaha Lujia Ter, and took the red underground to Deak Ferenc Ter.  From there we walked along Erzsabeth Ter to the restaurant. 

The streets still have their Christmas decorations up and it is beautiful!  We stopped where Zyrini Utca lines up with the Basilica; looking down the street with the Christmas lights shaped like bells on the street lamps and the Basilica framed at the end was really beautiful!  The darkness of the night was pierced over and over with the light of Christmas pooling in great gouts on the street.  It’s almost as if the decorative bells were ringing out light instead of sound. 

The surrounding buildings seemed to huddle closer like actors who seek the light with their faces.  At the end of the street bathed in light to the point of near luminosity, the Basilica pointed into the dark of the night sky.  The motto over the door, ego sum via veritas et vita, seemed to need one more clause, ego sum via, veritas, vita, et lux!  I am the way the truth and the LIGHT.

Once again the paradox of life catches at the corners of my mind.  There in the depth of the dark night, with the earth only beginning to turn towards longer days, it is the light that stands forth in brilliant salience.

Supper was lovely and it was really good to meet Aron.  What a delightful baby he is!  Four and a half months, he is already 14 pounds, with a strong grip and command of his hand to mouth gesture.

We walked back to the metro stop after that passing through a Christmas fair that really looked fun!  Food, handcrafts, and touristy kinds of things for sale in booths set up in the middle of the street. 

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