Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lunch at Kispest II Lunch at Kispest IMG_4390Sunday, January 6

The next morning, Istvan and Ildiko came to pick us up.  His car is very small and was full of baby “stuff,” so I drove the van.  I went to pick up the students at the Atlas Hotel.  In front of the hotel, they block off part of the street for loading and unloading with some traffic cones made out of steel poles set in tire-like bases.  I hit one of them as I parked and the students saw it!  They were quite excited about my driving skills after that!  The rest of my driving was quite OK with no big problems so they soon felt more at ease.

We followed Istvan to church at the Bekasmegyer church right next to Gabor’s house.  I was very glad to have someone to follow so that I didn’t have to think about navigation as well as driving.  It was also early on a Sunday morning and there was very little traffic.  That made it much easier too!  By the time we went home and the traffic was busier, I was quite comfortable driving the van.

It was a lovely service with an infant baptism.  The baby was baptized by sprinkling—much too cold for immersion—and then Gabor carried her throughout the church introducing her to the various parishioners.  It was really lovely!  As he passed, each person reached out and touched the baby offering a blessing.

From Bekasmegyer, we went to Kispest where we had another service.  One of Miklos’s daughters played a lovely prelude on the organ.  It was very well done!  Normally, Miklos, the pastor, preaches, but he had a week off and Istvan preached.  Because we were late arriving, the service was a bit shorter than usual.  The organ is usually played by two of Miklos’s daughters, one playing the right hand, and one the left hand.  It was really cute during communion.  Istvan and Miklos carried the elements around the congregation to whoever wanted to take communion.  When they got to the organ players, why they just stopped playing where ever they were in the song and took the elements!  Then they just picked the song back up where ever they had left off.  It was pretty funny to listen to and several of us got a bit tickled.  I looked across at one of the other congregants who caught my eye, and we both just cracked up laughing.

After the service, Miklos and Ildiko his wife, invited us to eat with the family.  This is really quite a trick!  He and Ildiko have 8 children, and there were 8 of us and Istvan, his wife also named Ildiko, and the baby Aron.  It took three different tables in two different rooms to seat us all.  We had a wonderful meal, soup, of course, several different meats, rice and peas, along with a vegetable salad of peppers, tomatoes, onion, and cheese.

After supper we all sat around and talked for about 90 minutes.  Marci, Miklos’s oldest son was a big hit.  Marci and Benjamin, the second son speak English very well!  Of course, with the large group there were several conversations going, but from the laughter and general hubbub, I think it was pretty enjoyable for all.

By the end of our time in Kispest, it was snowing!  Large fat wet flakes floated from the sky lazily drifting to the ground where they melted.  Lovely to see!  I was glad it wasn’t colder since I had to drive back to the hotel and Danko Utca!  We made it back without incident and had a quiet evening.


One response to “Sunday, January 6, 2013

  1. Fascinating. We were with you in spirit. Can’t figure out how on earth that many people could even fit into Miklos and Ildiko’s space, much less be served dinner there. Please file this in your “explain later” file. Mom

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