What a wild day!  Book ended by a three hour road trip, itstarted in a snow storm and ended in a dance party!

We visited the school at Abaujker today.  This school serves about 1000 students from preschool through adult education.  It provides dormitory space for nearly 100 of them who live to far away to commute.  All meals are provided.

The focus of the upper levels of the school are various trades including: baking, bricklaying, hairdressing, soldier preparation, cabinet making, cooking, etc.

The students come from some of the poorest areas of Hungary.  Many of their homes don’t have running water, or gas and can only buy electricity for specific purposes.  The school sends food home over the weekend so that the kids actually have something to eat.

The staff, headed by Sandor Budai, the Principal (Igazgato), are loving and caring and give so much more than just the academics.  As Sandor says, they teach from the heart!

The school is one of the major employers in the area.  Abaujker the village is only about 600 people nestled in the lee of the Zemplen mountains.the ground is fertile with orchards and large fields between the creeks and rivers.  However, the unemployment is incredibly high!  So the school, in addition to providing an education and some hope for the students who attend, also is a major center of economic activity.

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